Monday, January 13, 2014

Tragedy of Abortion:

In the United States, abortion has been legal since 1973. Since then, an estimated over 50 million babies have been killed by legal abortion in 41 years. 

Hundreds of thousands of Americans of all creeds, race, politics, professions, and age identifying themselves as pro-lifers or anti-abortion activists every year hold march for life in the Nation's Capital and other major cities nationwide on the Anniversary of Roe vs. Wade ruling on January 22nd to put pressure on the legislators to change the abortion law and protect millions of unborn babies from being slaughtered with legalized killings. 

Even though, abortion is still legal in the United States, the pro-life movement have been tremendously growing all over the country especially among the young generations of all ages thanks to intensive education on the sanctity of life with the help of modern science and technology. Americans are committed and determined, no matter how long it will take them, to stop the social evil of abortion in their country and save lives of those endangered millions of defenseless and voiceless children from being destroyed before their natural births with legalized abortions!

What about you as an Ethiopian...? Do you believe in the sacredness and dignity of human life? As an Ethiopian Christian or Muslim or Atheist or of other belief system, do you believe that abortion is evil that kills pre-born innocent human lives? If you do, are you willing or ready to oppose this social evil (abortion) and get involved to save innocent unborn babies from being slaughtered in Ethiopia?

Please watch the following YouTube video series in their entirety and read articles of high value and learn about the sanctity and dignity of unborn human beings! All the videos, articles or church documents and variety of hyperlinks are collected and posted on this blog site for the purpose of education only. They are good resources to help one understand the sacredness, dignity, and the miracle of human life from its very fertilization or conception to its natural birth and to its natural death; and they help one reflect and condemn that abortion is the greatest evil and major tragedy of human societies of today's world!

This site is primarily intended to help all Ethiopians of all ages, creeds, and professions learn from other peoples around the world and motivate them to stand up and defend the voiceless and helpless pre-born babies; and to get involved and campaign like other peoples in other countries for the legal protection and the inalienable rights to life of the unborn. 

Undeniably, tens of thousands of unborn children have been inhumanely being slaughtered in Ethiopia like in many other countries. Babies are being aborted simply because they are considered as "unwanted babies" or "unplanned pregnancies" or just considered as being threats to women's health or dangers that could complicate women's lives economically! 

Sadly today, a pre-born baby for those who lack faith is considered in many countries as woman's property, and therefore it is left without any legal protection to her choice whether to have it or terminate it as she chooses; especially, if the baby is thought as some sort of danger or threat to her psychological and physical health or a burden to her economic or social life!

A conceived life or baby is NOT just a matter of woman's choice to terminate it anytime when the baby is unwanted; but it's rather a matter of sacred obligation and responsibility before the Creator and the Giver of life to carry on the pregnancy (conceived life) to its full term and allow her child to be born and live!

With this website, and other related blog sites, we are committed to campaign with a full fledged spirit in defense of those voiceless and helpless unborn children, so that every human laws, including that of Ethiopia, to protect and treat with a full human dignity every conceived child safeguarding equally both the mother's life and her preborn's life: without discriminating or favoring one's life over the other!  

Saturday, January 4, 2014



By the Former

(Source: Priests for Life Website)

Introduction by Cardinal O'Connor