Abortion in Ethiopia

Some of the Companies or Organizations that are widely providing or aggressively promoting or training Ethiopians or financing to perform Abortion under the guise of "Reproductive Health" or "Family Planning" are posted or linked below on this page. (These companies seem careless of the sanctity of human life or ethics or morality or religious beliefs of the individuals who receive their abortion services. Apparently, they do not think they are killing innocent and defenseless unborn human beings by terminating pregnancies or doing abortions in the name of women's health, their societal and psychological well-being or just because they're economically unfit to raise unwanted or unplanned children!)

The following video clips and hyperlinks are posted on this blog as a clear evidence in support of our allegations that abortion services are being provided in Ethiopia by various foreign and domestic agencies mercilessly slaughtering with abortions tens of thousand of those unwanted babies before their births every year! 

  1. Ethiopia Country Program - Planned Parenthood

    Despite rapid economic growth over the past few years, Ethiopia remains one of the ...Despite the decriminalization of abortion, many medical providers are not ...

    1. Ethiopia - International Planned Parenthood Federation

      ippf.org › Our work › Where we work › Africa
      In the shape of permanent clinics, mobile facilities, community-based ... 50,000abortion-related services; 1.6 million services to young people under 25 years.
    2. Family Guidance Association of Ethiopia (FGAE)

      FGAE Receives Second Round IPPF Accreditation feature image ... Two Staff members of the Family Guidance Association of Ethiopia Paid a working visit to ...

  1. Ipas | Ethiopia

    www.ipas.org › Home › Where We Work › Africa
    Ipas Ethiopia has become a regional leader in establishing safe abortion services and creating reproductive health networks.
    1. Ipas | News and Resources about Ethiopia

      17 results - Programs integrating abortion and contraceptive services expand women's reproductive health options in Ethiopia. With the International Conference ...
      1. Ethiopian Women Unleashed | Profiles

        Led IPAS Ethiopia advocating for reproductive health and rights since 2000, with significant responsibility for passage of favorable laws on the right to family ...

DKT International | Ethiopia | DKT International

In 2012, DKT Ethiopia sold nearly 65 million condoms, 3.6 million cycles of oral ... due to DKT's efforts to help legalize medical abortion in Ethiopia during that time. ... Theorganization's database of nearly 20,000 sales points provides real-time ..

  1. Irish cash for abortion aid agencies in Ethiopia - Independent.ie

    Jun 9, 2013 - When questioned about its policy, Irish Aid said: "We don't provide any funding to ... DKT Ethiopia, the biggest supplier of medical abortion kits to the ... hiscompany spent half of its €100m start-up costs on consultants' fees.
  2. The preventable pandemic - World Health Organization

    by DA Grimes - ‎Cited by 353 - ‎Related articles
    Ethiopia, Guinea, Guyana, Mali, Nepal, South Africa, and Switzerland.35,36 .... toprovide abortion services, in most states fewer than 20% of primary ..... individual stocks in any drug company or medical supply house that might profit.

    1. Family planning in Ethiopia and the new UN strategy | Owen abroad

      Sep 23, 2010 - The inauguration of MSI Ethiopia's Woldia clinic. Access to family planning and safe abortion is an important challenge in Ethiopia. With better ...

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