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This blog is all about the sanctity of human life from its conception to its natural death. The mission and purpose of this blog is simply to raise awareness among all Ethiopians that the killing of innocent unborn babies is the greatest evil and the worst violation of fundamental human rights to life and that all Ethiopians must stand up to condemn such evil and defend those defenseless and voiceless unborn children from being slaughtered in their mothers' womb. It is a sacred duty that every person in Ethiopia speak out against such gross and horrific crime against humanity.

The author of this blog believes that this issue has to do nothing with politics, health of women, poverty reduction; but rather it has to do with a serious moral issue that opposes the Natural and Divine Laws: that once a human life is conceived has the natural right to grow to its full term and to be born without any artificial prevention or termination of pregnancy. Once a sexual intercourse took place between two opposite sexes, the two parties must understand that they have to assume the consequences of their sexual activity and thus accept the responsibility of the human life to be conceived. It is not a human design but the Creator's design that conception to take place after a sexual act of opposite sexes. Any intervention or interference in the natural process of conception with intention of destroying or terminating it is considered as acting against God's plan and design of procreation of life. And therefore it is a violation of Divine and Nature's laws and great evil and a grave sin against God and humanity!

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